Counseling in Community

We believe that community provides invaluable resources, especially in times of difficulty. Therefore, we require those coming for help to bring a friend, which we call an "advocate." This person will provide support and insight throughout the counseling process as well as encouragement and accountability upon returning home.

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  • Defining an Advocate:

    An advocate is a concerned friend, family member, counselor, or church leader that serves and invests in their friend by walking alongside them during a period of difficulty. This person is eager to effectively come alongside their friend and serve as a relational bridge in the context of the counseling relationship.

    In addition, advocates supply the counselor with insight into the situation and provide accountability, follow-up, and encouragement to their friend, supporting the daily application of the truths learned.

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  • Responsibilities of an advocate:

    PRAYER: Prayers leads us to rely on God for openness, wisdom, clarity and lasting change as we seek to bring help to others.

    INSIGHT: We value the input the body of Christ brings to the counseling experience, and invite advocates to share those insights as well as questions during our time together in counseling.

    NOTE-TAKING: Good notes provide tangible reminders of core issues addressed, important principles, and scripture references to be meditated on in the months ahead.

    FOLLOW-UP: We encourage advocates to commit to six months of intentional follow-up review the Twelve Stones summary and action plan that will provide them additional guidance and direction as they both apply the truths and insights gained while at Twelve Stones.

    Download the Advocate Manual, Click here

  • Additional Advocate Information

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