Church partnerships

As a ministry,  our mission is to help the most hurting by inviting the church to care effectively for one another in community,and equipping individuals to engage with grace & truth.

The partnerships we have with local churches provide a mutually enriching experience as we co-labor in God’s Kingdom in three core ways:

  • Strengthening Service

    The central privilege and responsibility of leadership in the church is to make disciples that pour out their lives for others. Twelve Stones helps equip the leadership move ministry from the few to the many through our highly interactive "Life Together" series.

  • Deepening Care

    learning to love one another is the most difficult, yet rewarding experience we have. We help the church cultivate an atmosphere of care that preemptively addressed issues in the context of community, which ultimately reduces the need for intensives interventions while deepening confidence in individual’s abilities to care for one another.

  • Expanding Impact

    As a partnership deepens the ability to impact for the Kingdom expands. Twelve Stones in able to fulfill our mission of returning soul care to the church while experiencing care from the partnering church through volunteers, prayer, and financial support.