We have four "Life-Together" conference options

  which include discussion or Q&A following each session.

The cost for a weekend is $1750 plus travel expenses (gas, meals, lodging for the speaker either at a home or hotel – whichever the host prefers).

  • Counselor Training:  Introduction to Redemptive counseling

    1. Hearing The Story
    2. Getting Beyond Behavior
    3. Involving Community
    4. Common Hindrances To Redemptive Counseling
  • Marriage: A journey to the heart of Marriage

    1. The Grand Design
    2. The Daily Grind
    3. The Core Pursuit
    4. The Journey Ahead
  • Parenting: Engaging the heart of your children

    1. A Portrait of A Biblical Family
    2. Keeping The Gospel Central In Your Parenting
    3. Methods Of Discipline
    4. Practical Ways To Help
  • Abuse: Walking Alongside the Sexually Abused

    1. Understanding The Effects Of Trauma
    2. Empathize With The Pain Of Trauma
    3. Direction To The Healer Of Trauma
    4. Practical Ways To Help