Intensive Counseling for Pastors

helping Pastors and Their Families Thrive

Pastoral ministry is always a mix of joys and sorrows as we participate in God's transformation of His people. Every pastor will face unique challenges and temptations that require wise counseling. The best counsel comes from someone who understands church ministry and is seasoned in biblical counseling. That is why Twelve Stones Ministries has partnered with Paul Tripp Ministries to create a space where pastors and their families can receive compassionate care that is discrete, and embodies grace and truth.

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  • Who should Come?

    We don't just serve the pastor but his family. Our counselors love the local church and understand the unique temptations and trials those in vocational ministry experience. Those burdens are not only carried by the pastor, but also his family. That is why if a pastor is married he should plan on bringing his wife, even if the focus is not related to marriage difficulties.

    A pastor's wife has unique burdens and will greatly benefit from the support of counseling. In some cases, it also may be recommended that their children come. Finally, the pastor and his wife will be asked to bring a couple to walk alongside through the process and follow through afterward. This person must love the Lord, love you, and be willing to journey with you for at least 6 months after counseling. See below for more information. For a short testimony from a pastor Click Here

  • Side By Side (Advocate)  

    We understand pastors need encouragement and a confidant they can lean on. That is why every leader in need of care is required to invite an advocate (ideally, a fellow elder, a mature believer, or a close family friend). The advocate will be involved in every aspect of the counseling process and will be a strategic help in the transition back to ministry and home life. Further information on being an advocate Click Here.

  • What to Expect

    Night before:
    Ideally arrive by 7:00PM the day before counseling begins. We would love for you to have time for
    prayer and getting orientated (be sure to get dinner prior to arrival).

    Days 1&2:
    There will be approximately six hours of counseling per day, along with guided assignments to complete with the advocate(s) in the evenings.

    Day 3:
    This is typically a half day with a central focus on application and building a care plan going forward.

    To fully absorb the lessons from your time, we suggest not rushing right back into the busyness of everyday life. Therefore, we welcome you to stay another day or two for prayer and reflection. If you desire to stay late on day 3 or a couple days beyond, just check availability with TSM staff.

  • What is the Cost?

    For a pastor and wife coming with their advocates, the total cost is $3,000. It includes an average of 15 hours of counseling, housing (well furnished retreat home), and food (eight meals for up to 6 people).

    Often a church will pay part or all of the cost for its pastor. We do require a minimum $500 deposit to secure your dates. Final payment of remaining balance after deposit is due 4 weeks before scheduled counseling.

    Once dates have been sent to you and a selection has been made, we will send you an INVOICE that can be paid online with any major credit card or via automatic bank draft. 
    If you have questions, please let us know.
  • Beyond the intensive 

    Ultimately, our goal is not only to get pastors and their families healthy but also to impact the churches to which they are returning. For this reason, the advocates are often a huge part of the aftercare and follow-through.

    When appropriate, we will send a consultant or team skilled in church health to help with the pastor's transition back into leadership, and/or help facilitate the staff/elders relational dynamics.

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