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Book a Lead Healthy Retreat

Book a Lead Healthy Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions


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Which retreat is right for me?

*If married, we highly recommend your spouse is with you the entirety of the time with us.  

We offer three types of tailored retreats to meet you where you are in your season of life and ministry (Refresh, Reset, Restore). To determine which retreat is best for you (& your spouse), read below to see which category most accurately describes your situation. Note – If you are torn between two options, choose the one that provides more counseling time.

Refresh Retreats: Helping Leaders to Get Revived Spiritually and Couples to Reconnect

A Refresh Retreat will focus on assessing and rekindling your intimacy with Christ and if married, with each other.  Your 3 days will include 5-6 hours of direct counsel and a tailored set of exercises focused on rest, abiding, and deep conservations with your spouse.  You will walk out with a renewed sense of closeness with Christ and oneness in your marriage.  

  • If I am honest, my soul is noisy and distracted from abiding in Christ. 
  • I am weary and in need of a time of soul rest.
  • We could really use a marriage tune up to grow in intimacy.  
  • We need some direction and encouragement to lead healthy in ministry.  
  • We have some marriage or family issues we could use counseling for.  

Reset Retreats: Helping Leaders Correct Priorities and Couples to Thrive In Ministry Partnership

A Reset Retreat is more about an honest look at priorities and rhythms.  While there is times of rest and refreshment, there will be 8-10 hours of direct counsel to assess and adjust habits that are not congruent with leading healthy and creating sustainable rhythms for life and ministry.   You will build a Lead Healthy Plan© with your spouse and walk out with a clear sense of how to thrive as a leader and as a couple partnering in ministry. Advocates can be so helpful as you implement new habits and are strongly recommended for this level of counsel.

  • I have let urgent overshadow what’s important.
  • I find myself leading reactively more than proactively.
  • I need to establish healthier rhythms in my life.
  • My marriage has, at times, taken a back seat to ministry. 
  • We need to develop some goals as a couple to help us to thrive in ministry.  

Restore Retreats: Helping Leaders to Address Heart Issues and Couples to Get Healing 

A Restore Retreat is the most intensive of the three.  The focus is on getting after heart issues hindering healthy leadership, finding hope again after significant loss, working through a strained marriage, a leader conflict, or ministry exhaustion. The direct counseling time will be 14-16 hours and includes the support of advocates.  

  • I think I have several signs of burnout.
  • I have significant conflict in my life.
  • I am struggling with past loss, rejections, or betrayal.  
  • I have some unhealthy habits that are at times, debilitating. 
  • We are struggling to know where to turn for help in a very difficult time of marriage. 

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If you are still unsure, please give us a call, we are here to help you determine what would be best for you: (866) 304-2320.

What is an advocate and why do I need one?

An advocate is a friend from back home who sits through the entire counseling process and then returns home to help you live out what you learned.

In our experience, the presence of an advocate drastically improves the success of what takes place in counseling and after. Many times, those in crisis have been isolated from the community. Advocates help to bring them back into a healthy, biblical community. They care for you deeply and will be a friend, guide, and encouragement through your toughest days.

If you can’t find an advocate, contact us and we will help you consider who can serve as your advocate.

What is the payment process?

Once dates have been confirmed, we will send out an invoice that can be paid online via credit card or automatic bank draft. Full payment is due 30 days before the first day of the scheduled counseling dates. For more detailed information, please view our financial policy page.