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Counseling For Ministry Leaders

Ministry can be demanding. Leaders need soul rest, trusted counsel, and spiritual encouragement. Our North Indianapolis location specializes in caring for pastors and senior church leaders and their spouses through intensive counseling retreats.


Unpack your struggles with a Confidential, Experienced Counselor


Receive Tailored Biblical Counsel, Care, and Direction.


Learn How to Thrive in the Ministry and as a team.

We understand that as church leaders you have some unique trials and temptations. We also know it’s easy to feel like you are on 24/7.

Threats to the spiritual, relational, and emotional health of church leaders are more prevalent than ever before. According to a survey answered by church pastors:


believe their pastoral ministry has negatively affected their families.


have felt unqualified and discouraged.


expect conflict within their church.


desire but have no close fellowship with someone they can trust.

Our hope is to refresh tired souls, prevent burnout, address hardship and provide a turning point for struggling leaders through intensive counseling retreats, resources, and ongoing consulting.

Caring for your marriage, your family, and your soul is not selfish, it’s good stewardship.

Our retreats provide a confidential and caring environment for ministry leaders to:
Unpack struggles without fear of judgment
Receive Biblical guidance from someone that gets ministry
Deepen their intimacy with God and their spouse
Reset healthy priorities that will help them go the distance
Resolve conflict, weariness, or deep ministry disappointments
Find renewed hope In Christ and His purposes
All of our retreats are tailored to the needs of the leader and their spouse.

Let us help find the right retreat For you.

Refresh Retreats*

A time of rest and counsel focused on a return to deeper intimacy with Christ and if married, your spouse.

*Advocates welcomed

Reset Retreats*

A time to reset priorities and personal goals. For couples, counsel will focus on you and your spouse getting back in balance spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.

*Advocates suggested

Restore Retreats*

A time to restore broken relationships or address heart issues hindering ministry, marriage, family, and/or leadership health.

*Advocates Required

*Advocates are a trusted friend or couple who would come with you and leave with tools to help you succeed when you return.

After over 15 years of intensive counseling retreats, Twelve Stones is tested, trusted, and known for providing compassionate, biblically-saturated counseling that gets to the heart of the struggle.


Dr. Garrett Higbee, founder of Twelve Stones and lead counselor at our North Indy campus, has been providing care for pastors and ministry leaders for over a decade. He has developed a Leadership Health Assessment, and has led “Lead Healthy Cohorts©” of pastors from around the world.

Healthy leaders Lead healthy ministries

Join the hundreds of ministry leaders and couples continuing to make a difference worldwide because they invested in taking care of their spiritual, relational, and emotional health by coming to Twelve Stones.

Take the next step toward “leading healthy” today.

Here’s how:

Step One:

Schedule a Call

You don’t have to walk through your struggles alone. Schedule a call to discuss which retreat will be the most impactful for you. Afterward, we will send you a link to take the Leader Health Assessment©.

Step Two:

Book a Retreat

To book your retreat, connect with our team to choose a date that works for you and fill out our Book a Lead Healthy Retreat Form.

Once dates have been confirmed, we will send out an invoice that can be paid online via credit card or automatic bank draft. Full payment is due 30 days before the first day of the scheduled counseling dates. For more detailed information, please view our financial policy page.

Step Three:

Attend Your Retreat

Join us at our restful retreat property in North Indianapolis for a time tailored to your needs. Perhaps you just need a ministry marriage check up. For others, it’s time for more in-depth counseling to restore your soul. Leave with healthier personal, family, and ministry rhythms. If married, we hope your spouse will join you. Our goal is to help facilitate a deeper connection with God, and your spouse. The whole retreat experience focuses on freedom from distractions, focused personal time, careful assessment, biblical insight, and practical planning that will place you on a path of healthy leadership.

Step Four:

Lead a Healthy Ministry

Return to your ministry with renewed hope. We’ll equip you and your spouse with resources to continue and multiply the work you started at Twelve Stones. Consulting and aftercare are available upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Which retreat is right for me?

*If married, we highly recommend your spouse is with you the entirety of the time with us.  

We offer three types of tailored retreats to meet you where you are in your season of life and ministry (Refresh, Reset, Restore). To determine which retreat is best for you (& your spouse), read below to see which category most accurately describes your situation. Note – If you are torn between two options, choose the one that provides more counseling time.

Refresh Retreats: Helping Leaders to Get Revived Spiritually and Couples to Reconnect

A Refresh Retreat will focus on assessing and rekindling your intimacy with Christ and if married, with each other.  Your 3 days will include 5-6 hours of direct counsel and a tailored set of exercises focused on rest, abiding, and deep conservations with your spouse.  You will walk out with a renewed sense of closeness with Christ and oneness in your marriage.  

  • If I am honest, my soul is noisy and distracted from abiding in Christ. 
  • I am weary and in need of a time of soul rest.
  • We could really use a marriage tune up to grow in intimacy.  
  • We need some direction and encouragement to lead healthy in ministry.  
  • We have some marriage or family issues we could use counseling for.  

Reset Retreats: Helping Leaders Correct Priorities and Couples to Thrive In Ministry Partnership

A Reset Retreat is more about an honest look at priorities and rhythms.  While there is times of rest and refreshment, there will be 8-10 hours of direct counsel to assess and adjust habits that are not congruent with leading healthy and creating sustainable rhythms for life and ministry.   You will build a Lead Healthy Plan© with your spouse and walk out with a clear sense of how to thrive as a leader and as a couple partnering in ministry. Advocates can be so helpful as you implement new habits and are strongly recommended for this level of counsel.

  • I have let urgent overshadow what’s important.
  • I find myself leading reactively more than proactively.
  • I need to establish healthier rhythms in my life.
  • My marriage has, at times, taken a back seat to ministry. 
  • We need to develop some goals as a couple to help us to thrive in ministry.  

Restore Retreats: Helping Leaders to Address Heart Issues and Couples to Get Healing 

A Restore Retreat is the most intensive of the three.  The focus is on getting after heart issues hindering healthy leadership, finding hope again after significant loss, working through a strained marriage, a leader conflict, or ministry exhaustion. The direct counseling time will be 14-16 hours and includes the support of advocates.  

  • I think I have several signs of burnout.
  • I have significant conflict in my life.
  • I am struggling with past loss, rejections, or betrayal.  
  • I have some unhealthy habits that are at times, debilitating. 
  • We are struggling to know where to turn for help in a very difficult time of marriage. 

Ready to register? Click Here.

If you are still unsure, please give us a call, we are here to help you determine what would be best for you: (866) 304-2320.

What is an advocate and why do I need one?

An advocate is a friend from back home who sits through the entire counseling process and then returns home to help you live out what you learned.

In our experience, the presence of an advocate drastically improves the success of what takes place in counseling and after. Many times, those in crisis have been isolated from the community. Advocates help to bring them back into a healthy, biblical community. They care for you deeply and will be a friend, guide, and encouragement through your toughest days.

If you can’t find an advocate, contact us and we will help you consider who can serve as your advocate.

What is the fee and payment process?
The price includes lodging and meals for you and an advocate couple (when appropriate), as well as the counseling itself. We strive to provide care to everyone – including those that might not be able to afford our services. If you are in need of financial assistance, please contact Susan at susan@twelvestones.org.
Refresh Retreat – $2000
Reset Retreat – $3000
Restore Retreat – $4000
Once dates have been confirmed, we will send out an invoice that can be paid online via credit card or automatic bank draft. Full payment is due 30 days before the first day of the scheduled counseling dates. For more detailed information, please view our financial policy page.

A Brief History

In 2016 a small group of Twelve Stones staff, significant financial supporters, and board members met with Paul Tripp to begin planning and fundraising for the ministry to take on increased leader care. While leader referrals did increase slightly in the last 5 years our capacity to ramp up care was limited. Our ministry president, Garrett Higbee, directed this effort but had taken on other ministry obligations for that season. He became a leader care specialist for the Great Commission Collective, a church planting organization. While this grew his influence with leaders, it limited his time to do intensive retreats with Twelve Stones. In the meantime, other staff at Twelve Stones were working on developing better resources for leaders to have a tailored retreat experience. We now have the tools and the capacity to counsel leaders more effectively than ever before. TSNI will be an extension of Twelve Stones Ministries in Brown County Indiana

What You Can Expect

In Fall 2022, we launched Twelves Stones North Indianapolis Campus (TSNI) in Westfield Indiana where Garrett will focus solely on intensive leader care retreats. His wife Tammy will join at times to come alongside wives to pray, support and encourage them. The new campus has a beautiful retreat cottage situated next to a horse property. There is a separate bedroom for advocates with its own bath and entrance next door. Meals are provided although many couples go to local restaurants for dinner.

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