Find Joy Again

Twelve Stones provides individualized counseling for stress, anxiety, and depression in a comfortable, intentional environment.

Understand the Root of Your Struggle


Take Control of Your Thought-Life


Experience Freedom

We understand the serious impact stress, anxiety, and depression can have on your life.

You may be suffering from

Constant Worry or Sadness
Feelings of Worthlessness
Lack of Motivation
Changes in Eating Habits
Suicidal Thoughts
An inability to Connect with Others
A Loss of Passion
Sleep Issues
Headaches, Muscle Aches, or Unexplained Pains
Difficulty Concentrating

Our team of compassionate and well-trained biblical counselors can help.

Bring Meaning and Joy Back into Your Life.

You are not alone. According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, over 30 percent of Americans will experience a mental health disorder at some point in their lives, and this number continues to increase yearly.

The increase in stress, anxiety and depression can be attributed to many things. We will help you find the root cause of your emotional struggle. Then, we will look to the greatest source of truth together – the Bible – to find strength and perspective on the trial you are facing. Your counselor will help you understand your thought patterns and get moving in the right direction in a 3-Day Intensive Counseling Retreat. We’ll equip you with an action plan to continue after you leave our campus.

We all feel stuck at times.

Twelve Stones Counseling empowers people struggling with anxiety, stress & depression to have a new perspective centered on God.

True Joy and Peace are Possible.

Here’s a path to a new beginning:

Step One:

Book Your Retreat

You don’t have to walk through your struggles alone. Apply for a retreat and begin your path to healing.

Step Two:

Attend Your Retreat

Join us at our restful retreat center for three days of in-depth counseling. Here, you’ll experience a deep relational connection with your counselor, freedom from distractions, and focused time for careful assessment, Biblical insight, and practical planning for a brighter future. You’ll bring an advocate with you, who will help you implement your plan when you go home, so you feel supported long after your retreat.

Step Three:

Move Forward With Hope

Return home with renewed hope and a clear path forward. We’ll equip you and your advocate with resources and help you follow a practical plan to continue the work you started at Twelve Stones.

Bringing an Advocate

We believe community is essential for a healthy, faithful life. Struggles should be shared not hidden. So, the community is also at the core of our counseling process. Every counselee must bring a friend of the same gender with them on their retreat who they are already in close community with. We call this friend an advocate.

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Who can be my advocate?

An advocate is a concerned friend, fellow church go-er, small group/life group leader, counselor, or another church leader that is willing to come alongside you in this difficult season. Each counselee in attendance needs a same-gender advocate.

This person should be a follower of Christ who knows you, loves you, and is eager to help you. They are committing to “Bear [Your] burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” (Galatians 6:2).

Note: while family members can be an option, we would qualify that category as follows:

  • Spouses: We ask your spouse to find a same-gender friend to come alongside them for the counseling retreat and beyond. Your spouse is welcome to attend the retreat but as added support, not an advocate.
  • Parents/Adult Children: Similar to spouses, parents to their children or adult children to their parents typically are not the best choice for advocates. They may attend as added support, but each counselee needs a same-gender advocate.
What does an advocate do?

PRAY: Prayers lead us to rely on God for openness, wisdom, clarity, and lasting change as we seek to bring help to others. Advocates are prayer warriors in the counseling room.

GIVE INSIGHT: A person in your community who already knows you and understands your current struggle will be able to provide valuable input to the counselor about how you are doing and where you are struggling. Advocates also can help you ask questions you may not feel comfortable asking. So, in every way advocates help us have deeper insights.

TAKE NOTES: Good notes provide you with tangible reminders of core issues addressed, important principles reviewed, and most importantly, key Scriptures to be meditated on in the days and weeks ahead. Advocates take that burden off your shoulders.

FOLLOW-UP: We encourage advocates to commit to six months of intentional follow-up with you after your visit to Twelve Stones. We will provide you with a summary and action plan that gives you additional guidance and direction. Beyond that, after our time together, your advocates can reach out to us for additional guidance at any time.

Why is an advocate vital?

In our experience, the presence of an advocate drastically improves the success of what takes place in counseling and after. Many times, those in crisis have been isolated from the community. Advocates help to bring them back into a healthy, biblical community. They care for you deeply and will be a friend, guide, and encourager through your toughest days. If you don’t think you have an advocate, please reach out. We will help you find one.

Empowering the Advocate

We encourage advocates to read these resources prior to coming to the retreat to prepare for their role. Click here to download.

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