Have the Time & Space Needed to be Heard and Understood


Gain a Supportive Counselor & Community


Finally, Make Forward Progress

The trial you are going through is complex.

We understand how frustrating it is to try different techniques to overcome your struggle but see no progress. It will take intentional, guided time and energy to grow in wisdom, confidence in God, hope, and freedom from the difficulties caused by your trial.

We provide biblical guidance for our clients through 3-Day Intensive Counseling Retreats.

​ In many cases, weekly counseling is appropriate, but 3-day intensive counseling is powerful and effective for people stuck in more difficult trials. We believe, and have seen time and time again, that this counseling method establishes the time and space needed for careful assessment of your difficulty, biblical insight, community involvement, and practical planning to create lasting change. The retreat serves as a turning point. Our clients do not receive a quick fix, they are pointed in the right direction to finally make forward progress on the struggles that had them trapped.

Benefits of a Twelve Stones’ 3-Day Intensive Counseling Retreats


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Unrushed Opportunity to Examine Your Life

The needed time to share your life story in such a way that each person seeking help feels known, heard, and understood. This depth of insight and understanding allows participants to get to the root of the problem.

Make Progress More Quickly

During a counseling retreat, 16 hours of counseling is provided over a three-day period of time. This is equivalent to 4-5 months of weekly counseling! This style of counseling serves as a catalyst for lasting change. Making a big step forward in a short period of time encourages sustained growth.

A Distraction-Free Environment

A challenge of weekly counseling is that a lot of life can happen between sessions, so the counselor’s time is often spent discussing the problems of daily life. At a retreat, participants stay focused on the larger, root problem and the problems of daily life don’t intrude into the counseling process. This distraction-free time is especially relevant and helpful with severe or complicated difficulties.

A Community Approach

One of the most unique features of a Twelve Stones Counseling Retreat is our use of advocates. An advocate is a friend from back home who sits through the entire counseling process and then returns home to help you live out what you learned.

So, your counseling retreat is not just a three-day experience. It is the beginning of a 6+ month journey of you putting your practical plan into action with a friend by your side.

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