Where it begins and ends

Since God is the author of all life, He alone provides wisdom, clarity, and hope on all issues pertaining to life and godliness. Therefore, we believe the process of change is not a mechanical interaction with information but an organic overflow of an abiding relationship with Jesus, empowered by God’s Spirit, shaped by God's Word, and experienced in God's community.

We believe the gospel alone reconciles us to God and provides the power to experience healing in relationships, freedom from sin's enslavement, and hope for new beginnings.

  • Bridging Two worlds

    No matter how insightful, intelligent, or capable, we all have blind-spots in our application of what we believe and affirm (confessional theology) to where we live (functional theology).

    Therefore, to untangle these difficulties God had gifted to us a context (The local church) and companionship (fellow strugglers) to experience life transformation.

    This often involves a journey to unearth deeper issues of beliefs, values, motivations, and desires which underpin the struggles being faced.This is why we require that everyone coming to Twelve Stones for counseling attend with an advocate.

    For more information about what an advocate is, Click here.

  • Needed Refuge & Revelation

    Therefore, we strive in an atmosphere of grace and truth, to provide careful assessment, biblical insight, community involvement, and practical planning in order to answer and respond to the tough questions people are asking about life circumstances, relationships, and God.

    To give you an idea of the range of counseling issues TS currently handles, here is a brief overview:

    • Marriage & Family Counseling (conflict resolution, parenting, reconciliation, etc.)
    • Emotional Struggles (depression, anxiety, anger, cutting etc.)
    • Abuse (sexual, physical, verbal, etc.)
    • Psychological Labels (O.C.D., A.D.H.D, P.T.S.D, etc.) 
    • Eating Disorders (anorexia, bulimia, etc.)
    • Addictions (pornography, drug, alcohol, sex, cutting, etc.)
    • Life Stewardship (finances, career, priorities, etc.)
  • When can I come?

    In most cases scheduling takes 4-6 weeks, depending on how quickly the forms are submitted, etc.

    The counseling itself will happen over a three day period. Occasionally shorter retreats occur as well - talk to us if you have questions.

    All of our retreats happen between Monday and Saturday. Our two main setups are Monday-Wednesday or Thursday-Saturday.

    If you have received dates for a Mon-Wed slot, you should plan on arriving Sunday evening after 7pm. You will be departing on Wednesday afternoon - we usually wrap things up around 1pm.

    If you have received dates for a Thu-Sat slot, you should plan on arriving Wednesday evening after 7pm. You will be departing on Saturday afternoon - typically we wrap things up around 1pm.

    For more info about our campus and directions, click here.